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Spaced Repetition: Rather than schedule one long cram session, space out your practice. You’ll remember things better and for longer.

Interleaved Practice: Which is more effective, practicing CABCABCAB or AAABBBCCC? Interleaving the sections you practice helps you learn.

Flow and Deliberate Practice: Deliberate practice is one of the key concepts distinguishing experts from novices.

Building Effective Practice Habits: How can musicians, especially self-learners, make the most of their practice time?

Preventing memory lapses: A few tips for making your music memory more solid.

Expert Music Practice Methods: “Work and Runs”: How do experts practice? One example is “work and runs,” in which section-by-section practice is mixed with practice integrating the sections, in contrast with the common novice method of playing through the entire piece repeatedly.

Piano Practice Assistant Android App Tutorial: How to use the PPA app, with screenshots.

Practice Assistant FAQ: A quick guide to how the app works, and why.